PreSonus Studio One 6 Professional v6.1.2 macOS

PreSonus Studio One 6 Professional v6.1.2 macOS

Version 6.1.2 Release Notes (May 25, 2023)

Selected layers not playing back initially after recording takes

[Ampire/Pedalboard] Pitch Shifter does not read automation

[Automation] Pencil Tool shows inconsistent behavior with Cmd/Ctrl key

[Custom Colors] Color palette hides behind context menu

[Custom Colors] Color pop-up in channel editor has no color selector

[Custom Colors] Preset save dialog hidden behind color palette

[Presence XT] Truncated instrument text description

[Pro EQ³] Certain LLC settings may interrupt audio rendering

[Pro-EQ³] Wrong latency reported when LLC filter is used in High Quality setting

[Pro-EQ³] Threshold settings not saved in dynamic mode

[Score Editor] Choosing notes in step record may add unwanted rests

[Score Editor] Lyrics are not properly aligned to notes with certain values

[Show Page] Certain sections do not work in Performance View

[Start Page] Potential crash when clicking on a Song in Songs tab

[Sync Points] Splitting an Event doesn’t create an additional Sync Point

[Track Presets] Instrument tracks don’t connect to inputs from inserts of other tracks

[Track Presets] Multi-outs may load in wrong order

[VST2] Offline mode not reported correctly to plug-ins on bounce

[Windows] Downgrading Studio One can lead to scripting errors

Mono tracks can no longer be inputs for other mono tracks

Track Notes cannot be enlarged after reducing track controls to smallest width

Clip Gain Envelope with sudden changes adds unwanted fades

Crash on transforming Audio Track back to Instrument Track with pattern

Degrading performance while instantiating plug-ins in certain situations

Dragging instrument parts to Chord Track not working properly in certain situations

Input controls missing in Inspector when mixer is closed

Instruments don’t follow bus hierarchy when inserted via command

Panning no longer works for instruments in Low Latency Monitoring path

[Multi Instrument] Part Automation (Modwheel, Sustain Pedal, etc.) ignored in mixdown

Plug-in automation appears off visually after opening song

Potential crash on processing delay compensation

Potential crash when editing transposed audio event during loop playback

“Select All” selects lyrics of Arrangement and Scratch Pad

Sidechain input lost after transforming Instrument to Audio Track and back

Update check not working for external Language Pack from PreSonus Exchange

Visual representation of notes disappear when changing timebase

Everything you need to record, produce, mix, master, and perform.

Studio One 6 makes creating fast and easy with new Smart Templates, intuitive drag-and-drop workflow, a customizable user interface and powerful, integrated tools.

Smart Templates. Fast starts.
Quick-start essential workflows for recording, mixing, mastering, beat production, or simply playing a virtual instrument – all with a single click.

Making a beat?
Load a Smart Template with Pattern editing already open and only the features you need visible.

Mixing audio?
Open a Smart Template with your favorite channel strips loaded and a drop zone to quickly load stems.

Just getting started?
​Each Smart Template provides step-by-step instructions in a dedicated Tutorial window to guide you through your first production.

Drag-and-drop. Everything.
Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to recording, Studio One’s pioneering drag-and-drop workflow makes every creator’s process faster and easier.

Add audio loops, virtual instruments, and effects.
Drag plug-ins, audio files and more just by dragging them in from Studio One’s innovative Browser. Studio One creates the tracks for you!

Copy FX Chains
Drag and drop every insert from one channel to another!

Extract chords and tempo maps
Any source can become a source of inspiration with a quick drag and drop.

Collaboration. Simplified.
Upload and download files to and from your PreSonus Sphere Workspaces with drag-and-drop.

Sound replacement
Replace drum sounds with samples simply by dragging the source track to an Impact XT track.

Customizable user interface.
The all-new Customization Editor lets you view only the tools you need for the task at hand by creating a custom user interface that works for you, and you can save your unique customization settings for instant recall.

Beginner Customizations
Default customizations are available for essential workflows so you can start with only the functions you need and add new tools as you’re ready to learn more.

Advanced Customizations
Create our own customizations from the default options and hide nearly every tool or feature you don’t need to clear away distractions at any time.

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