Roland Cloud JV-1080 v1.1.0 Windows

Roland Cloud JV-1080 v1.1.0 Windows

Released in 1994 and packed with iconic strings, evocative ethnic instruments, and many more sounds, the JV-1080 is both a ‘90s icon and a powerful contemporary synthesizer.

The New Digital

By the early ‘90s, digital synthesizers had completely taken over the market, and rack units had become popular in studios and on stages alike. Thanks to advancements in digital technology, Roland began to pack a seemingly impossible amount of sounds into a single unit. And by utilizing optional PCM sound cards, users could expand their units with specialized sound sets.

The Sound of the ‘90s

Throughout the ‘90s, the JV-1080 helped fuel the sounds of R&B, pop, hip hop, and rock, and was regularly heard in film and TV scores. Originally designed to mimic acoustic instruments, many of these sounds became so widespread they’re now part of our collective musical vocabulary. Some say it’s the most recorded sound module in history, and modern artists are still utilizing these sounds in new and creative ways.

Plug In Your Own JV-1080

The JV-1080 Software Synthesizer has the look, feel, and factory patches of the original, along with expanded effects, additional waveforms, and increased polyphony.

Over 1000 total waveforms, including the original 448

The 40 original MFX types expanded to 78 with additional reverb and chorus algorithms

Double the polyphony of the original

Two additional time-variant, low-pass filters

Step LFO

Enhanced matrix control functions

Full graphical control of parameters, making tone-crafting feel new and exciting


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