Steinberg Nuendo 12 v12.0.60 Windows

Steinberg Nuendo 12 v12.0.60 Windows

As the most advanced audio post-production solution available, Nuendo is the choice of film, TV, game audio and immersive sound industry professionals worldwide. Ever since its initial release, Nuendo has been a vital tool in creating the soundtrack to many high-profile productions, products and installations. Regular updates with new features, workflow improvements and additional, user-requested functions mean that Nuendo constantly exceeds the expectations of an audio workstation dedicated to audio post, with high end — often unique — capabilities that continue an ongoing revolution in audio and media production software.


The ADR window/Markers window now allows for wider column resizing.

Field Recorder Audio Import

Selecting characters on the metadata example fields now works as expected.

MIDI Remote

We have improved the script for the Arturia KeyLab Essential and added missing Key Commands.

We have added more Control Room functions to the MIDI Remote feature scope.

Fixed project mappings can now be converted to global mappings as expected.

Using the MIDI Remote Editor in the Lower Zone with Workspaces now works as expected.

We have added a new MIDI Remote factory script for the Novation Launchkey MK3 88.


We have fixed an issue related to using the Make Extension Permanent function on non-PCM clips with ARA extensions.

Events with Melodyne ARA extensions can now be cut without losing the note data.

Events with ARA extensions can now be copied and duplicated as expected.


We have improved the user interface of the VST Bass Amp plug-in when Quick Control buttons are toggled.

The Frequency 2 plug-in now works as expected when using 7.1.4 channel configurations.

Writing automation of the Frequency plug-in Band On/Off parameter now works as expected.

We improved the loading process of external impulse response files for the Reverence plug-in when loading projects on a different computer.

We corrected the Peak and RMS needle of the SuperVision plug-in.

We have improved the quality of the FX Modulator plug-in when using fast volume modulation settings.

The Quick-Link function of the MixConsole is now also available for the input and output parameters of the Squasher plug-in.

Sample Editor

Event start/end and snap point handles are now displayed as expected.

Warp markers are now editable at all zoom settings.

Stretching VariAudio segments in a multi-event selection now works as expected.

User interface

The grid is no longer cut off when scrolling through the project in low dpi mode.

The waveform in silent areas is no longer displayed with 2 pixels instead of one.

The audio waveform interpolation in the Lower Zone Sample Editor is now consistent.


When duplicating a Track Version, bézier curves are now correctly applied.

Applying Audio Alignment now works correctly when multiple references are selected.

The warp algorithm custom settings dialog can now be opened from the Info Line in all language localizations.

We have fixed an issue related to editing parameters in the List Editor.

The Logical Editor window now opens exclusively.

The Click Patterns in the Pattern Editor are no longer cut off when using 1/32 patterns.

We have corrected the Loudness measuring of the Master meter and the SuperVision plug-in for 7.x channel configurations to match the ITU-BS.1770-4 specification.

The preference Mute Pre-Send when Mute is now saved as expected.

On the Nuage Master unit, the numeric keypad arrows now work for locating markers.

Vertical mouse wheel scrolling in the Score Editor edit mode now works as expected.

We have improved the usability with editing lines in the Score Editor.

Vertical scrolling speed in VariAudio editor now works consistently.

On macOS systems, the application now shows in which code architecture it is running in the Start and About screens.


We have improved stability in the following use cases:

When aborting an Export Audio Mixdown.

When using the Adjust Fades to Range function.

When changing the Sample Editor zoom mode with Select Events Under Cursor active.

When using the function Adjust Fades to Range.

When using the Scale Assistant with VariAudio.

When changing the AmbiDecoder output mode from Headphones to Speakers.

When dragging a MIDI loop from the MediaRack to the project.


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