Valhalla DSP Bundle v2022.01 macOS

Valhalla DSP Bundle v2022.01 M1 and Intel macOS

We make digital reverb and analog-inspired delay plugins for musicians, engineers and other audio artists. We’re obsessed with creating powerful tools with simple interfaces. Our goal is to inspire you and help your work to flow.


Valhalla Delay

Echoes of the past, present and future.

Valhalla Delay is our take on classic and modern delay and echo units. Tape echo, BBD, old-school digital, pitch shifting – we’ve got you covered.

ValhallaDelay offers the classics, and expands them into new dimensions, with the unique Ratio and Quad delay styles, the Ghost mode (which adds frequency shifting), and a powerful diffusion section that can create anything from smeared echoes to ethereal reverbs.

Set the controls for the heart of the sun with ValhallaDelay.

New in version 2.1.0: Two new delay modes, Quartz and PhaserDDL! Native Intel/ARM builds that will work on Intel and Apple Silicon Macs! plus VST3 improvements!

Valhalla Plate

You will ride eternal, shiny and chrome.

ValhallaPlate download mac is our algorithmic take on the classic plate reverberation sound.

Twelve original algorithms emulate the sound and behavior of real world steel plate reverbs, and take the sound into dimensions that physical plates can’t touch.

Now updated to version 1.6.3! Adds VST3, signed & notarized installer for Mac (Big Sur ready), signed installer for Apple M1

Valhalla Room

It’s grade A class – number one in its division.

ValhallaRoom is a versatile, true stereo algorithmic reverb.

It features twelve original reverberation algorithms (including the latest Dark reverb modes, Nostromo, Narcissus, Sulaco and LV-426), and produces a wide range of natural reverberation sounds.  Sounds range from tight ambiences and rooms, through traditional hall and plate sounds, all the way up to vast modulated spaces. The algorithm designs have been influenced by some of the “classic” room simulation boxes, as well as state of the art modern theory.

ValhallaRoom download mac has been designed from a psychoacoustic perspective. Instead of creating a simplified physical model of a simplified physical space, Room generates early and late acoustic energy that provides the spatial and phase cues needed to create an “idealized” room impression.

Updated to version 1.6.2 (Windows) and 1.6.5 (Mac)! VST3, signed & notarized Mac installers, Intel/M1 native Mac builds, signed Apple M1

Valhalla Shimmer

Come with uncle and hear all proper!   Hear angel trumpets and devil trombones.   You are invited!

ValhallaShimmer is an algorithmic reverb designed for BIG sounds, from concert halls to the Taj Mahal to the Halls of Valhalla.  At its core, ValhallaShimmer download mac is a high-quality reverberator, designed to produce a smooth decay, that is both dense and colorless.  All of the sliders have been designed to be tweaked in real time and have a smoothed response to avoid clicks when changing settings or automating the controls. At the same time, the algorithm has been highly optimized, so you get a huge reverb sound without straining your CPU.

4 Reverb Modes:  Mono / Small Stereo / Medium Stereo / Big Stereo

Modes allow you to dial in reverb decays of different sizes, ranging from smaller rooms to vast ambiances:

By adjusting the Feedback, Diffusion, and Size controls, the attack, sustain and decay of the reverb signal can be fine-tuned.

The modulation controls can be set to produce subtle mode thickening, glistening string ensemble-like decays, and the distinctive random modulation of the older Lexicon hall algorithms.

Two tone controls and the Color Mode selector allow the timbre to be adjusted from bright and glistening to a more natural dark decay, similar to that produced by air absorption in large spaces.

5 Pitch Shift Modes:

Single, where the feedback is shifted up or down by the Shift value.

Dual, where the feedback is shifted both up and down (in parallel) by the Shift value.

SingleReverse, where each grain is reversed before it is pitch-shifted. This results in a smoother pitch shifting sound than the Single mode.

DualReverse. Similar to the Dual mode, but with reversed grains, for a smoother pitch shifting sound.

Bypass, which turns off the pitch shifting (useful for “standard” reverb sounds).

By setting the Shift amount to +12 semitones, and the Feedback to 0.5 or greater, the classic Eno/Lanois “shimmer” sound is produced (learn more about that here, here, and here).  A wide variety of other sounds can be created by the algorithm, ranging from spring-like reverbs to “reverse” reverbs, to glistening pitch-shifted pads that are usually associated with high-end hardware processors.

Most Recent Updates:

Version 1.2.5 (Mac)


Signed & notarized Intel Mac & Apple M1 installers

Intel/M1 native Mac builds

Valhalla ÜberMod

Stupendous and unheard-of splendors await me below, and I shall seek them soon.

ValhallaÜberMod download mac is a unique mutltap delay and modulation plugin.

With up to 32 modulated delay taps, extensive diffusion and overdrive sections, and parallel slow and vibrato LFOs, ÜberMod creates lush dimensional choruses, classic string ensembles, tape and BBD echoes, nonlinear and reverse reverbs, and a bunch of sounds that defy categorization.

Updated to version 1.2.5 (Mac)! VST3, signed & notarized Mac installers, Intel/M1 native Mac builds, signed Apple M1 installers.

Valhalla VintageVerb

Listen: Valhalla DSP has come unstuck in time.

Valhalla VintageVerb download mac features 19 classic digital reverbs and 3 color modes inspired by the most beloved reverb hardware from the 1970s and 1980s.

Reverb Modes: Concert Hall / Bright Hall / Plate / Room / Chamber / Random Space / Chorus Space / Ambience / Sanctuary / Dirty Hall / Dirty Plate / Smooth Plate / Smooth Room / Smooth Random / Nonlin / Chaotic Hall / Chaotic Chamber / Chaotic Neutral / Cathedral (new in 2.2.0)

Colors: 1970s / 1980s / Now

Most Recent Updates:

Version 2.2.0 (Mac & Windows)

New reverb mode: Cathedral!

Intel/M1 native Mac builds – ready for Big Sur & Monterey


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