Waves Ultimate 14 v22.01.24 Windows

Waves Ultimate 14 v22.01.24 Windows

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January 22, 2024

New application: [MixMirror] v14.2.0 — Remote tablet control app & full plugin control for eMotion LV1 and SuperRack

Supported on iPad 2 or later, and Windows 10, Windows 11. Mac OS is not supported

ATI-AMD Radeon Graphics cards are not supported

Updated: New version of [eMotion LV1] live mixer software (v14.26.85.702)

New Mix bus fader control for better EFX and Monitor control

Groups can now be configured as mono or stereo

LINK groups can now assign routing for multiple channels

TalkBack presets page will now display destination tracks’ names

Rack bypass added to scene scope and Recall-Safe

Scene scope and Recall-Safe’s DYN/EQ/FLT buttons will exclusively control assigned plugins parameter recall

Flip Aux on mixer 2 mapping options added to User Keys

Show>Session details will summarize the session setup configuration

Inventory>Server>Information will display the server network speed status

Menus updated for better touch usability

Various UI and visibility improvements and bug fixes

Updated: [MyFOH] (v14.2.0) (v14.2.0) and [mRecall] (v14.2.0) remote apps for eMotion LV1, with various performance improvements and bug fixes.


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