uJAM Beatmaker RICO v2.3.0 Windows

uJAM Beatmaker RICO v2.3.0 Windows

Reggaetón Rhythms

Effortless Latin pop grooves

Light up the dance floor

Add a Latin club or dancehall feel to any pop tune you create! Spice things up with deep, bassy kicks and the classic boom-chak rhythm of reggaetón that always gets the crowd moving and grooving. Whether you need straight-ahead beats or authentic world percussion grooves, RICO gives you all the pieces you need.

Easy, polished pop hits

Reggaetón & Dancehall rhythms are key ingredients for some of the greatest pop hits of the past half-decade, and the Dembow groove is only on the rise. Getting a round bottom end, tasty percussion and a snare that smacks can mean hours of mixing to lock everything in… but with RICO, you’ll never have to do it from scratch.


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