Focusrite FAST Compressor v1.3.0 Windows

Focusrite FAST Compressor v1.3.0 Windows

Perfect your mix, effortlessly

FAST Compressor gets the best out of your sound, quickly. Using the power of AI to make audio more controlled, it’s designed to keep you in your creative flow and focussed on what’s important: making music.

Compression: the FAST way

FAST Compressor is designed to maintain control over dynamics and help your sounds fit in the mix, while keeping you in the zone. It automatically tailors the compression settings to your material in seconds, so you can make adjustments quickly, and never miss an idea.

Powered by AI

The AI-powered smart:engine by Sonible automatically learns the most suitable settings for your audio, in seconds. Choose a profile and begin the learning process, then start tweaking your sound to make it stand out in your mix.

Advanced visualiser

FAST View provides single-fader compression for quick and precise tweaking. Detailed View allows deep control over individual parameters. The adaptive history Visualiser responds to parameter changes in real-time, to show how your settings influence the audio signal.

Spectral Balancing

Spectral Balancing maximises the transparency of your audio by smoothing out tonal and dynamic imbalances, so sounds find their place in the mix perfectly. Switch it on and be confident that FAST Compressor is keeping your audio in check.


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