Roland Cloud TR-707 v1.0.1 Windows

Roland Cloud TR-707 v1.0.1 Windows

In 1985 Roland released the now-famous TR-707 Rhythm Composer. Taking its rightful place next to other classic Roland drum machines, this previously underrated instrument has since appeared on hit tracks in a long list of genres, including synth pop, acid house, industrial, electro, indie, alternative, and more. Thanks to our Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology, you can now have the authentic sound and experience of this influential drum machine right inside your DAW—with modern upgrades that take it into all-new territory.

Analog Circuit Behavior technology captures every detail of the original hardware

Uses the original TR-707 sample ROM

Includes all 15 original sounds and 64 original patterns

43 new patterns and kits for modern styles

Get modern sounds with tuning, decay, attack, snappy, gain, sample rate adjustment, and more

Powerful sequencer with flams, sub-steps, last step, and per-instrument shuffle

Drag and drop audio or MIDI patterns directly to DAW tracks or cells

Original and aged skins along with LCD-style sequencer windows

Multiple outputs for flexible effects processing with plugins like ZENOLOGY FXX


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